Porbandar, facing directly the roaring shore of Arabian Sea, located between the worlds famous “DWARKA” and “SOMANATH” one of the twelve popular mythological ancient Indian histories, the town planning of the city is so perfectly planned that today it is an attraction to the modern town planner worldwide. Amongst many other importance, Porbandar is an ascetic land of saint SUDAMA, the bosom friend of lord “KRISHNA” and birth place of Mahatma Gandhi , the father of nation who taught a lesson of non-violence to the present day world. Porbandar is having its importance not only from mythological point of view but it is an attraction to thousands of local and foreign tourists who pay visit to this holy city daily.

Shravan Sud Poonam or Nariyeli Purnima is believed to be the foundation day of this holy city. As pr the mythological reference in Sudama Charitra of Skand Puran of Shrimad Bhagvad, the present Porbandar city was names after Goddess Porav, and was located along the river banks of Asmavati. The Jethwa dynasty of Rajput clian ruled over this land, who was lover of art and under their royal patronage this city was beautified by constructing wide roads foot paths, symmetrical buildings along the roadsides, having right angular squares, fountains, gardens, public places, temple and so on. The uniqueness of Porbandar city is that it is constructed of special type of white soft stone carves artistically and that is why this is popularly known as “WHITE CITY” also.